Sam Bedson

The Doctor

When we were initially planning we had no intention of actually showing the Doctor to the player, (apart from his body in the final level). But as we were trying to fill the level 1 scene with objects and furniture, I thought a portrait of him would be interesting for the player to find on

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The Window

The game is set inside a Doll Hospital in Victorian London, which the player is allowed to (with restriction) move through. We knew that there should be some window to view the outside world and hint at the state of the world as story-wise London has been filled with these organic parasites that grow inside

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The Dolls

I made the base of the dolls as 3D models which I then screenshotted, arranged their parts, and drew over in Procreate. The porcelain hard parts of a doll were sculpted as 3D objects so I could reuse them for a base of all the dolls I would need to make. In the first two

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In level 1, the player is introduced to their first patient and is asked to remove the doll’s eyes, replace them with new ones, and repaint the damaged makeup. The dolls were going to be a major part of the game so I spent the first few weeks working on how I was going to

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